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New: Atari 2600 SD Cart

Long time no updated news, but there wasn’t much to tell. SD2IECs and Tapuino modules are still available, but SD2IEC micros are running low and currently it is not planned to build another batch – so hurry up, if you are interested.

However, I would like to announce a new product in my portfolio. It’s an Atari UnoCart clone called “Atari 2600 SD Cart“. Like the SD2IEC for the Commodore 64, this cartridge allows Atari 2600 owners to play game ROM-Images and Homebrews from microSD cart without any efforts.

Check out the product page and if you are interested, let me know though the contact form.

PS: You may have notices also other new products on the main page. Please also check them out, pretty interesting stuff…

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